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Social Media is a communication tool, a way to reach your customers, current and new alike, that demands consideration and inclusion in your marketing plan. (You do have a marketing plan, right?)

The only thing you need when using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest (and many more) is a bit of time and understanding of how each platform works. And that’s where I come in! 

Pick from my standard social media packages or let me create a unique solution tailored specifically for your needs.

And remember, I can help with much more than just your social media needs!


SM-Bronze SM-Silver SM-Gold


 $ 200

$ 375 

$ 500 

Perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who are just starting out.

If you’re ready to get serious about social media marketing, this is the plan for you.

This is your DO-IT-ALL package. We’ll take care of all your social media needs!










            2 Twitter

            1 Facebook

            4 Twitter

            2 Facebook

            1 Linked In

            6 Twitter

            2 Facebook

            1 Linked In

            1 Google+


With each package, I take care of finding the content, scheduling, and posting. You don’t need to worry about anything. 

  • I research your company and get to know what your customers are looking for, posting accordingly.

  • Posts, tweets, and shares are all scheduled at least 7 days in advance, allowing you to see what is coming up.

  • Everything is proofed twice for accuracy, spelling, grammar, and links.


Package Upgrade Options:

 $ 25.00

Add Another Platform.
Add 1 posting on an additional platform.

 $ 25.00

Add More Posting.
Like a package but want to see more posting. I got you covered. Add 1 additional post/day.

 $ 75.00

Twitter Engagement.
I’ll do it all. Retweeting, following, responding, etc. You don’t need to think about Twitter at all (unless you want to).

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